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BLUERIDGE employs a variety of instructional techniques and delivery systems to ensure high caliber, efficient instruction, whether face-to-face  or online. For online, E-Learning, our team is capable of delivering learning material that spans the spectrum of self-paced to instructor facilitated methods.

Self-Paced, Online Training. Ideally, self-paced, online learning should foster autonomous activities, although student collaboration and various asynchronous communications are often available. Techniques within such a design include well organized learning and reading modules, appropriate presentation strategies, formative self-evaluations, summative evaluation(s), and timely feedback mechanisms to ensure understanding. Evaluations and feedback feature high level Learning Management System (LMS; i.e. Plateau, Blackboard, etc.) interactivities to maintain learner engagement, and that are enjoyable yet challenging.

One example of a self-paced, online training course is our VA Path to Better Sleep Course. This two-part course begins with a five module, two-hour lesson featuring a self-assessment to help identify personal sleep problems from among a number of sleep disorders. With that knowledge, the learner uses an individualized application that captures personal sleep habits which are subsequently used to assist learners in overcoming sleep issues. The course has four versions: an online version; a downloadable version which works on Windows, Macintosh, and Linux devices; A DVD version; and a LMS resident SCORM 1.2 version. The course is in HTML 5 and is a single page application that uses a responsive design that works on all modern web browsers and devices (i.e., mobile training). The course also features techniques such as multiple level one, two, and three interactivities with feedback; high-quality, interesting, Veteran videos and testimonials; and information-packed support documents. The course meets strict 508 compliance requirements, accommodating a variety of disabilities among learners.

Partial Instructor-led, Online Training. Partial instructor-led, online learning includes many of the techniques used in self-paced learning, but in this mode some control is now given to the instructor/LMS to guide learning. As a result, the design can expand to include interaction as well as presentation strategies. Techniques such as rapid-response, instructor/student written correspondence (such as email or messaging) are included. For example, our team designed and maintains the USAF Functional Area Manager (FAM) Web-Based Training (WBT) Course. The course provides the student the opportunity to connect with a Virtual Instructor at any time during each lesson to ask questions and receive feedback within a timely manner. The training is provided to FAMs worldwide via the online Community of Practice (CoP) landing page which also provides additional tools, resources, and collaborations among the nearly 5,000+ member community.

Instructor-led, Online Training. With a fully instructor-led, online delivery system, action strategies such as case studies, simulations, and role playing are feasible in addition to the techniques mentioned above. Here the instructor/LMS can take full advantage of the delivery system’s capabilities using techniques to link appropriate high level simulation(s); provide real-time, high quality audio-visual interaction; and/or include appropriate level (1 through 4) interactivities. Because this delivery method permits near instant, expert feedback, more rapid learning and superior retention are often the result.

BLUERIDGE INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY SOLUTIONS, Inc. is a Certified Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB).